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State of Web Scraping 2023 Survey

Mateusz Buda
Paweł Kobojek

State of Web Scraping 2023 Survey

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce our latest initiative: the 'State of Web Scraping 2023' survey. As a part of our ongoing efforts to better understand and contribute to the rapidly evolving landscape of web scraping, we are reaching out to everyone in the community - web scrapers, software developers, business owners, freelancers, and more, to participate in this comprehensive survey.

We understand that your time is valuable. That's why, as a token of our appreciation, all participants will receive a 50% discount on Scraping Fish, our robust web scraping API designed to simplify and streamline your web scraping tasks.

Whether you're just starting your journey in web scraping or you're a seasoned expert, your insights are crucial. The survey covers a wide range of topics, from your role and expertise level in web scraping, the tools and languages you use, to the ethics and challenges you encounter in your web scraping activities.

More importantly, we believe in open knowledge and the power of shared insights. So, we're committed to publishing the results of the 'State of Web Scraping 2023' survey for free. Not only will we share the analysis of the data, but we will also release the raw data for everyone in the community. This way, we hope to foster transparency, promote collective learning, and encourage new discoveries in the field of web scraping.

To participate in the 'State of Web Scraping 2023' survey, please fill in the form. Your input will help shape a deeper, broader understanding of the current state of web scraping, its challenges, and its potential.

Thank you for your time and your contributions to our community. We look forward to sharing the insights and discoveries this survey will undoubtedly uncover.

Best regards,
The Scraping Fish Team