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Scraping Fish Product Updates 2024

Mateusz Buda
Paweł Kobojek

Scraping Fish Product Updates 2024

Greetings, web scraping enthusiasts! At Scraping Fish, we've been working tirelessly behind the scenes, and we're thrilled to announce some major enhancements to our platform. These updates are not just incremental improvements, they represent a significant leap forward in making web scraping more efficient, user-friendly, and adaptable to your unique needs. Whether you're a long-time user or considering Scraping Fish for your web scraping tasks, these updates are designed to streamline your experience and expand your capabilities.

Enhanced Concurrency: Power Up Your Scraping

We're excited to announce a game-changing update to our concurrency model. Now, the default maximum concurrent requests for all users is 25 per domain. This means incredible scalability for your projects. For instance, if you're scraping 10 different domains, you can enjoy a total maximum concurrency of 250 requests! This enhancement is designed to significantly boost your scraping efficiency across multiple domains.

Smart JavaScript Interactions: The click_if_exists Feature

Our JavaScript Scenario feature just got smarter! Introducing the click_if_exists action – a subtle yet powerful addition. This feature allows you to click on an element only if it exists, skipping the step otherwise. It's perfect for handling unpredictable elements like modal windows or varying cookie banners. Say goodbye to scripting headaches and embrace this elegant solution for smoother scraping.

Autorenew Packs: Continuous Scraping Without Interruptions

We encourage you to explore Autorenew Packs - a superior alternative to traditional subscriptions, offered to all our users. If your web scraping needs are continuous, this is for you. Autorenew Packs don't bind you with a monthly scraping volume commitment. Plus, you don't lose unused requests each month. When your current pack falls below 10% requests left or reaches its expiration, a new pack is automatically added to your account. This guarantees that you're always equipped to scrape without interruptions.

Email Notifications for One-off Packs

Responding to user feedback, we've introduced email notifications for users who purchase one-off request packs. When your pack reaches below 10% requests left, we'll alert you, ensuring you're always informed and in control of your scraping operations. This is especially handy for users with lower volume requirements or those who prefer manual renewals.

Advanced API Enhancements and Anti-Bot Evasion

Our commitment to improving your scraping experience continues with numerous API fixes and enhancements in evading anti-bot measures. We've bolstered our capabilities against protections like Cloudflare, DataDome, and Akamai. Plus, our expanding infrastructure and ethical mobile proxy pool are geared up to handle increasing traffic demands, ensuring seamless scraping for you.

Next Steps: Focusing on User Experience and Accessibility

Looking ahead, we're dedicated to enhancing the user experience. Expect to see a more intuitive user dashboard, complete with detailed scraping statistics and logs for better performance visibility. Additionally, we're excited about the upcoming release of a Postman collection, simplifying API feature testing. This functionality will also be integrated into the user dashboard for easy request designing.

Join the Scraping Revolution!

We invite you to experience these exciting updates firsthand. Try Scraping Fish to get access to our mobile proxy pool, cluster of headless browsers and all the API features for just $2.

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Happy scraping!
The Scraping Fish Team