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The solution for your web scraping problems

We handle browsers, rotating proxies, JavaScript rendering. All our IPs are ethically sourced.

You don't even need to set up an account.

Try it for just $2

$ curl

<!doctype html>



<title>Example Domain</title>


Join Our Satisfied Customers

"Scraping Fish is a dead simple yet powerful proxy service. Love the speed & quality of it!"

Gautam Mehra, CEO & Co Founder, ProfitWheel

"Scraping Fish has been reliable and it's integration is simple and well documented. Anytime we've had a special request, they've been very helpful and accommodating."

Anthony Landis, CTO, Founder,

"I tried Scraping Fish this weekend and I am totally impressed with its quality and performance."

E. Hadjistratis, Senior Software Engineer,

Powered by Mobile Proxies

Powered by Mobile Proxies

When using our API you leverage the power of the world's best proxies. Other web scraping services require you to pay much more to use proxies of such a quality. In Scraping Fish, this comes as the default - without additional configuration and included in price!

All our IPs are ethically sourced

Other web scraping services and proxy providers use unethical measures to get their IPs. Don't reinforce bad behavior - use ethical proxies. Every IP we use is ethically sourced. Learn more.

Web Scraping Without The Hassle

Web Scraping Without The Hassle

Use the power of:

  • A Cluster of Real Browsers
  • JavaScript Rendering & Execution
  • Rotating Proxies
  • The Fastest Response Times
without the complexity of running it yourself. Always the same price - no matter which features you use.

Ingrained Simplicity

Ingrained Simplicity

Scraping Fish was designed from the ground up to be the easiest scraping solution to integrate into your workflow and be used to get your web scraping business up and running quickly.

You don't even need to setup an account - just buy request packs and get your API key delivered straight to your email.

Try it for just $2

Clear Pricing

Other web scraping services use API credits system which deliberately leads to confusion and benefits them at the cost of the user.
Use Scraping Fish to always know the price of your web scraping job.

Join hundreds of people building their businesses with Scraping Fish.

"I will continue using Scraping Fish in the future, hard to beat such customer service!" - Scott Rupprecht

Try it for just $2

Building your business around web scraping may be hard if you are not well prepared.

There's a plethora of data in the Internet. Yet many websites block any scraping at all, even if you have good intentions.

Also, most of proxy providers don't care about ethics and make web scraping look shady.

This makes it hard to enter the field for small companies and distracts larger ones from their core business, effectively withholding a lot of potential value creation.

That's why we built Scraping Fish - to make it dead-easy for everyone to access the world's data.

Since we launched, we've helped both small businesses thrive and big players focus on their core business.

Mateusz Buda & Paweł Kobojek

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Got any questions? Want to buy requests? Feel free to contact us and we're happy to clarify any questions you might have.