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Checking API requests usage

Once you purchase API requests from us, they are associated with your API key until they expire (typically one month after you buy them).

Each successful request to Scraping Fish API is worth exactly one API request regardless of query parameters or other options.

To get the current status of API requests available for you account, you can call /usage endpoint with api_key query parameter as follows:

curl[your api key]

In response, you get a list of your valid API requests packs sorted in ascending order by expiration date, for example:

[{"total":42000,"left":6900,"expires":"30 Apr 2022 20:00:00 GMT"}]


  • total: the total number of API requests you purchased in this pack,
  • left: the number of API requests left in this pack,
  • expires: API requests pack expiration date in UTC.

If you currently do not have any API requests available, the list in response will be empty. You can contact us to buy more requests.


API requests are always subtracted from the API request pack with the earliest expiration date.


Obviously, calling /usage endpoint does not affect your available API requests.